Why United Private Cloud?

An Enterprise-Grade Private Cloud

Performance, Availability, Scalability: United Private Cloud comes with all the benefits of cloud computing but with the greater controls and security of an enterprise-grade private cloud. Powered by VMware technologies, our United Private Cloud private cloud comes with a guaranteed 30% lower cost than the leading public clouds.

United Private Cloud enables organizations to gain performance advantages, lower costs, rapidly respond to the unpredictable demand, and easily solve data sovereignty and compliance requirements.


We provide performance compute (VMware DRS) through all-flash storage with 100K+ IOPS and 10g-100g networking.

Flexible VM size

We offer fully flexible vCPU and RAM size configurations without lock-in on specific VM types along with adaptive resizing and optimization services.

Cost Optimized

We provide a cost-optimized managed cloud service which is 30% cheaper than AWS, Azure, GCP; 50% cheaper than on-prem data center; and 70% cheaper than major private clouds.

Multicloud Connectivity

We provide on-demand connectivity to your AWS, Azure, and GCP cloud and offer on-demand connectivity options to 300+ carriers.

High Availability

We guarantee the availability of 99.999% with N+M Clusters.


We provide 24/7/365 days fully managed enterprise support service with 15 min response time along with the expert escalation of the request on every 30 min of reporting until the request gets resolved.

Data Center in a Box

We allow you to deploy your data center in your own on-prem or in 200+ global data center networks.

On-Demand Scalability

We provide on-demand scaling of your cloud resources at flexible contract terms: On-demand, 1yr, 2yr, 3yr.

Disaster Recovery

We provide an integrated Disaster Recovery (DR) service with <1min RPO and 15min RTO along with Integrated Backup service.


We provide a highly secure private cloud with locked-down network security, restricted IP access (ACL), Zero trust security and locked down ports.

Our Technology Partners


A Truly Enterprise Private Cloud

Let us manage your systems, database, and network so you can focus on

initiatives important for business growth.

Infrastructure Management: Managed infrastructure
services for businesses of any size and on any platform.
Database Management: A reliable database management
solution for your database challenges.
Security & Compliance: Proactively identify, respond and
mitigate any security threats against your IT infrastructure.
Cloud Migration: Seamlessly migrate your applications,
data, and infrastructure to any cloud of your choice.


Connect your G3 Private cloud environment to the public cloud of
your choice- AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform-
with UnitedConnect.

With UnitedConnect you can reduce your network costs, increase
bandwidth throughput, and provide a more consistent network
experience than Internet-based connections.

United Private Cloud unified management platform
makes the management of G3 private cloud or multicloud
environments secure, cost-effective, and easy.

Our Unified Management platform provides customers with
a single pane of glass to visualize, monitor, manage, support,
audit, and automate their cloud environment.

United Private Cloud is a certified partner of VMware, Dell,
Juniper Networks, Cisco, F5, and Citrix with more than 18
years of experience in enterprise private cloud, colocation,
and managed cloud services.

We have a pool of highly trained engineers who proactively
monitor and maintain the health of your private cloud and
are available round the clock.