Private Cloud Build – as a Service

Our PBaaS service helps our customers to deploy a very high-performance, software-defined, enterprise-grade private cloud solution as per their requirement in the on-demand SaaS model globally.

We provide our customers with the freedom to build their own private cloud solution in just six steps starting right from assessment, testing scalability, needs to disaster recovery, enterprise grading, setting up an enterprise-grade production environment, and finally serving the customer with required compliance needed for third party auditors.

A virtual infrastructure on a highly available architecture with performance-optimized compute, all-flash storage, security, multicloud connectivity, support, and distributed resource scheduling on a 10gig networking platform.


We support your digital transformation plans with United Private Cloud PBaaS solutions and make them successful as cloud plays a pivotal role in optimizing and enhancing efficiencies of any strategic business transformation plan.

To begin with, we do a complete end to end assessment of your existing cloud infrastructure and your cloud business requirements to handle existing applications, devices, and cloud workloads. Then we test your defined cloud architecture in our test labs through rigorous functional and performance testing.

The next step is to ensure your RPO and RTO SLA’s by designing Disaster Recovery Architecture and testing it with defined requirements.

After that, we enhance your private cloud security and make it ready for public access by conducting several enterprise-level security testing.

Then we scale the tested cloud environment for work-ready by creating standard operating procedures customized as per your business requirement. And lastly, we ensure that your cloud architecture is compliance-ready and ready for third party auditors.

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