Run Your Mission-Critical SAP Workloads on G3 Cloud

Transform your SAP landscape with enhanced availability, performance, and security. We help enterprises enhance performance by taking away the responsibility of managing data centers to support their SAP investments through a high-performance software-defined cloud solution at the most cost-effective price points.

G3 IaaS for SAP Benefits

High Performance

  • 10g-100g networking
  • Performance compute (VMware DRS)
  • All-flash storage with 100K+ IOPS

Flexible VM size

  • Flexible vCPU and RAM sizes
  • No lock-in on VM types
  • Adaptive resizing and optimization

High Availability

  • Software-Defined Network, Compute, Storage
  • 99.999% with High-availability N+M Clusters


  • 24/7 Fully managed enterprise support with 15 min response time

Cost Optimized

  • 30% cheaper than AWS, Azure, GCP
  • 50% cheaper than the on-premises data center
  • 70% cheaper than major private clouds

Disaster Recovery

  • Integrated DR with <1min RPO
  • and 15 min RTO
  • Integrated Backup

Multicloud Connectivity

  • On-Demand connectivity to AWS, Azure, GCP.
  • On-Demand connectivity to 300+ carriers.

On-Demand Scalability

  • On-Demand scaling of cloud resources
  • Scale up or scale down your resources based on your needs

Data Center in a Box

  • Deploy G3 in 200+ global data centers
  • Deploy G3 in the customer data center


  • Private cloud with locked down network security, restricted IP access (ACL) and locked down ports

G3 IaaS for SAP Features

Fast-track your cloud adoption, control costs, minimize risk and take the burden off your IT team by moving your SAP workloads to G3 private cloud, a highly secure enterprise-grade private cloud. Customize your VM configurations based on the needs of your growing workload along with reducing your costs for resources.

G3 IaaS for SAP Architecture

Our customers run their mission-critical SAP workloads on a highly available and resilient private cloud environment that comes with 99.999% uptime SLA ensured by high-availability N+M Clusters, which ensures that applications can run without disruptions.

G3 IaaS for SAP Architecture




  • One-click-deploy Fully Managed Firewall, Load Balancer, Anti-Virus (Cisco, Juniper, F5)
  • Enterprise-grade private cloud with SLA: 99.999%
  • Hyperconverged Implementation for High-Performance Compute and Storage
  • All-Flash Software-Defined HA Storage, 100k IOPS; Dedicated ISCSI SAN (if not using S2D); Microsoft hypervisor code is only 600 kB in size, Microsoft ReFS
  • Support up to 6TB of RAM per VM
  • Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)


G3 IaaS for SAP Comparative

Our customers experience fully managed 24×7 support with a 15-min response time SLA along with our fully managed backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity processes in place. These services are supported by highly trained certified experts and skilled technicians.

Our customers can also monitor and control their hybrid cloud workloads using a single pane of glass called UnityOneCloud.