Software-Defined Silicon Cloud IaaS

G3 Silicon by UnitedCloud

G3 Silicon UnitedCloud helps Silicon companies to build and maintain 10x steady-state IT infrastructure for handling peak resources during specified monthly durations in an entire year.

Our Solution provides an on-demand cloud performance enhancement service, to assist these companies during such silicon tape out periods where peak productivity is required. We provide our silicon clients with the flexibility of having a monthly/on-demand contract during peak out period rather than going for a year-long contract period.

This approach not only helps them to achieve significant cost benefits but also provides them suitable resources to create great designs.

Performance Optimized Compute and Storage

Get On-Demand Private Cloud for Performance Optimized Compute and Storage services which uses next-generation ML techniques to analyze your resource usage and history and helps you by tuning your compute and storage resource pipelines at a very low overall cost.

Get a performance-optimized service to grow your dynamic workloads more scalable, rapidly, and efficiently during peak times and experience a very low latency cloud computing environment.

G3 Silicon United Private Cloud uses next-generation ML techniques to scale up or scale down your memory for a specific virtual machine as a burstable capacity, based on the dynamic requirements of your workload.

  • Resize your RAM in real-time through the Ballooning technique
  • Increase or decrease your vCPU in real-time through Hot-Plug capability

Performance Optimized Storage:

G3 Silicon United Private Cloud embeds a real-time ML engine that uses predictive analytics and pattern recognition to power automated data-placement optimization across your all-flash portfolio based on historical and real-time analytics.

Take care of your increased storage requirements during peak/seasonal durations during the year and reduce your costs of provisioning costly data resources.

  • Enhance your data transfer speeds through NFS Service Optimization
  • Increase your data transmission speed MTU Size Optimization

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